Notes on Robert Walser, Studio, Milano 2010   

Notes on Robert Walser, Studio, Milano 2010


The photographic sequence "Herr Erwin Brugger" by six black and white photographs and a letter tells about a journey on october 17, 2010 by myself and mr. Erwin Brugger, a man who found on december 25, 1966 in Herisau, Switzerland the dead body of the poet Robert Walser. Erwin Brugger and I look back along the path of the last walk of the swiss poet to reach the exact place where the man found the body of the poet lying in the snow. Erwin Brugger at the time of discovery was a child of 12 years. A letter testifies the correspondence between me and mr. Brugger before we met in Herisau.


Herr Erwin Brugger, four balck and white pictures on baritate paper 40x60 cm framed, and one of 60x60 cm framed, letter on A4 paper 20x30 cm framed and one balck and white picture 8x12 cm framed, variable dimensions, ed: 3+1 AP, 2010

L’alleanza perpetua, enamelled ceramic-gold, 3x15x600 cm ed: 4+1 AP, 2010

Stone #01, written incision on stone, water, 15x45x65 cm, ed: 3+1 AP, 2010

Sculpture for a poet dead in the snow, enamelled ceramic-white and acrylic color, honey, 100x35x160 cm, unique edition, 2010

A roma domani nevica (from the series), page from a illustrate book painting of white acrylic, plexiglass box, 40x3x60 cm, unique edition, 2010


Arrivederci Erwin Brugger / Lungo il sentiero di Robert Walser / Doppiozero, Agosto 2011


all images © Antonio Rovaldi